Grace My Comfort Cutter

Grace My Comfort Cutter.

The My Comfort Cutter features the TrueCut Cutter Guide that works with our ruler track to give you superior precision and accuracy. The My Comfort Cutter prevents stress in your wrist, neck, arm and shoulders thanks to its ergonomic Comfort Curve Grip. It provides you with more cutting power with less effort by placing all cutting power directly over the blade.

Grace My Comfort Cutter Features.

  • Comfort Curve Grip.
  • Cutter Guide works with ruler track.
  • Customizable handle inserts.
  • Available in 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm.
  • Works with rotary blades of many brands.
  • Left or right-handed.

Always Straight Cuts With The Cutter Guide.
No more veering away from your ruler! The Cutter Guide on the My Comfort Cutter interlocks with our patented Ruler Track for precision and accuracy! As you cut, the track and guide keep the cutter from slipping away from the ruler's edge.

Comfort Curve Grip.
The ergonomic Comfort Curve Grip aligns your wrist naturally, placing all cutting power directly over the blade and preventing stress in the wrist and arm. Cut you fabric comfortably, getting more power with less effort.

Customizable Handle Inserts.
Show off your Comfort Cutter to friends and family by personalizing the handle with your own designs, photos or fabric. A handle insert template is included.

More Blade Exposure—More Cutting Power.
The My Comfort Cutter has more blade exposure than other cutters, giving you more cutting power! Cut through layers upon layers of fabric with ease.

Uses Most Brand Rotary Blades.
The My Comfort Cutter is designed to use most brands of rotary blades on the market. You can pick up your favorite brand (even Fiskars and Olfa) in your favorite quilt shop, and put them right in the My Comfort Cutter!

Removable Cutter Guide.
Using a ruler that doesn’t have the TrueCut Ruler Track? No problem! The My Comfort Cutter will work with any ruler, and you can also remove the Cutter Guide to make cutting with other rulers easier.

Grace My Comfort Cutter Size Comparison.

28mm Rotary Cutter.
The 28mm My Comfort Cutter has a smaller, more manageable blade. It's perfect for free-hand cutting curves and shapes.

45mm Rotary Cutter.
The 45mm is the standard sized rotary cutter in quilting and crafting. It is great for almost all projects, and replacement 45mm blades are always easy to find.

60mm Rotary Cutter.
The Larger blade of the 60mm rotary cutter gives you more power as you cut. It is especially handy for cutting multiple layers of fabric at once.

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