Grace Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener

Grace Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener.

This linear sharpener sharpens your blade with the same motion you use when cutting fabric. You don't even have to touch your blade, just leave it in your cutter! Sharp blades require less pressure to cut, giving you more accuracy and less chance of slipping.

Grace Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener Features.

High-Quality Sharpening Stone.
A high-quality sharpening stone has been designed so that you can use the same process that has been used to sharpen blades for centuries. The sharpening stone is four-sided so that when needed, you can rotate the stone to a fresh side, extending the life of the sharpener.

Easy And Safe To Use.
You don't even have to remove the blade from the cutter to use the Linear Sharpener! Just pass the cutter back and forth through the sharpener, using the same kind of motion you use when cutting fabric.

Any Brand Or Size Of Blade From 28mm To 60mm.
Do you have more than one cutter at home? More than 10? Any rotary cutter will work with the TrueCut Linear Sharpener, thanks to its unique design. You can also use it with any size of rotary blade from 28mm to 60mm!

Non-Slip Bottom Feet.
The sharpening process is made easier and safer by the non-slip bottom surface of the TrueCut Linear Sharpener. The non-slip feet keep the sharpener from moving while in use, so sharpening is a hands-free process.

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