Clover Wonder Clips 100ct

Great for seam binding on quilts!

Since their introduction, Wonder Clips have been adopted by crafters, beaders, scrapbookers, card makers, and every craft where a third hand is needed to hold something down, together or in place. They make a great gift for any crafter or home sewist.

Wonder Clips are perhaps the most versatile and useful sewing tool ever devised. For years sewists have used binder clips, hairpins, or even clothespins for any number of sewing applications where an alternative to pins is desired. The Wonder Clip is the first clip developed specifically for the needs of today's sewists, quilters, crafters, and beaders.

Sewing Uses

Wonder Clips are a natural for holding together layered sections of fabric during the sewing process. Quilt bindings, hems, piping, seams, etc., all can be held securely in place while sewing. Unlike pins, Wonder Clips do not leave holes in leather, delicate, or vinyl/laminate type fabrics. You can easily position appliqué or hold patterns in place while marking or cutting and avoid puckering issues caused by using pins on some fabrics.

Knitting and Crochet Uses

Wonder Clips are a real boon to knitters who are always joining their work at seams...side seams, sleeve insertion, sleeve seams, etc. For those who crochet, life just got a whole lot easier too. Clip all of your intermediate sections together in organized groups until you are ready to join them and then use the Wonder Clips to hold sections together while you attach. If you are beading with your crochet, the Wonder Clip can be used to position the beads away from your work until they are needed.

Crafts and Beading Uses

Wonder Clips are like having a "third hand." They're strong enough to hold virtually any sewing, art, or general craft materials in position while you glue, sew, paint, tie, staple, embellish, dry, or carve...whatever's required to create your masterpiece.

This package contains 100 of the standard size Wonder Clips.

Each clip has calibration marks on the base at 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8". 

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